Rescue Worker In Syria Cries As He Pulls His Own Mother From Rubble

“She was alive but couldn’t talk. She was pleading with her eyes for me to help her,” a crying rescue worker, Samir Salim, told the BBC.


The residents of the Syrian city of Ghouta have now entered day 3 of bombardments and airstrikes at the hands of Bashar al-Assad's government forces. The east of city is “drowning in blood,” with dead bodies of more than 200 people piling up to a sight of loss and suffering.

Among those affected by the attacks was the mother of a volunteer rescue worker, Samir Salim.

Salim, along with his team, was already out on a rescue mission in the bloody aftermath of a deadly shelling when he heard another air strike.

He noticed black smoke rising from a very familiar street and hurried out only to discover it was his own house that was hit in the second air strike.

Hiding his horror, he managed to pull out his infant nephew from the rubble.

He then rescued his father, sister and sister-in-law, but failed to help his mother, whose body was stuck under the collapsed ceiling.

Salim could not lift the ceiling up and saw her eyes pleading to save her.

“She was alive but couldn’t talk. She was pleading with her eyes for me to help her,” Salim told the BBC.

The volunteer cried at his misery as his mother’s soul left her body in front of his own eyes. 

In agony, the rescue worker pulled his own mother’s dead body out.

Since Feb. 5, the government continues to bomb Ghouta almost relentlessly, killing more hundreds of civilians, including dozens of children.

More than 100 people have been wounded. Raed Srewel, a journalist in Douma said, “There is no safe place in Ghouta. You can describe it with this saying we have: ‘On top of death, the graves are too small.’”

Rescue workers said they had tracked at least 76 airstrikes on Tuesday and Wednesday alone.

“It has become a city of ghosts, and if you walk in it, it is filled with the smell of death and blood,” Srewal said. “The planes are always in the skies of Ghouta, the markets and homes are being bombed, there are martyrs and wounded, and God is our only solace.”


Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Reuters

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