‘Catastrophic Day’: All Of Aleppo's Hospitals Have Now Been Destroyed

The airstrikes have taken out every single medical facility in the rebel-held city. Civilians have nowhere left to go.

The only functional children's hospital in the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo, where doctors were treating  chlorine gas attack victims after a recent bombings, has also been knocked out by the heavy bombardment.

With the closure of the last hospital, thousands of citizens have now been left without a single medical facility to treat them.

After the attack, the doctors and nurses had to rush out of the hospital with premature babies bundled in blankets. The babies, who were previously in incubators, were transferred to a basement office. At least 14 were shuttled off to another location to resume treatment.

The city has been pelted with airstrikes by the combined forces of Russia and Syrian President Bashar-al Assad, whose strategy is to bomb, starve, and kill "ISIS terrorists" at the cost of his innocent citizens.

Did any of the babies, either attacked in the last chlorine attack or in incubators, had affiliations with any terrorist organization? 

"They [health officials] say that they are specifically being targeted to make people give up. In the last few hours, two remaining hospitals have come under intense shelling by the regime," Al Jazeera's Osama bin Javaid, reporting from Gaziantep, on the Turkish side of the Syria-Turkey border, said.

World Health Organization has reported 126 attacks on hospitals this year. The intensified bombing is part of the plan to retake Aleppo, as its eastern side remains under the control of rebels and vehemently anti-Assad.

The White Helmets team, which salvages people from rubble, said all of he hospital equipment was taken out by the shelling.

Assad's strategy seems to be working; he has hurt people exactly where it hurts. The warehouses have been wiped out, as thousands of families struggle to find food and there are little medical supplies.

The United Nations had planned aid convoys for a million Syrians trapped in Aleppo, but with the warring factions unable to reach any resolution, not a single one of the convoys has reached Syria.

“My understanding is that virtually all warehouses are now empty and tens of thousands of families are running out of food and all other supplies,” U.N. humanitarian adviser Jan Egeland told Reuters. “So this is a very bleak moment, and we are not talking about a tsunami here, we are talking about a manmade catastrophe from A to Z.”

This warfare does not look like it will stop any time soon.

The butchering regime of Assad and Russia look forward to welcoming another key player, the United States of America, under its new ruler, Donald Trump, since Trump has maintained that his chief goal will be to fight ISIS – a blanket term Assad uses to describe all opposition.

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