Ghouta Strikes Claim 250 Lives, The Highest Death Toll Since 2013

The bloodshed, dating back several years, has caused shortage of food and child malnutrition with little to no help forthcoming from the government.

no help forthcoming

The Syrian civil war has already claimed over half a million lives and even with U.N. intervention, the conflict shows no signs of abating.

However, the war-ravaged country just witnessed its most massive assault in recent years after the Assad regime launched a series of lethal bombardments on the southwestern city of Damascus. The attack reportedly killed more than 250 people in an attempt to seize the rebel stronghold, Time magazine reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a U.K.-based civil rights group, claimed this as the deadliest attack since the 2013 chemical attack, according to the BBC. Over 50 children have died in airstrikes and 106 civilians were killed in the rebel-held enclave on Tuesday alone, Reuters reports.

The U.N. asked for an immediate ceasefire to assist the wounded and injured and bury the deceased. The officials claim that six hospitals have been deliberately targeted, something that rises to the level of war crimes.

Even though these attacks have claimed lives of adults and children alike, the regime maintains these are “precision strikes." Moreover, they say the civilians who remain in the enclave are being used as human shields by the rebels, The New York Times reports.

Apart from regular striking down of citizens, humanitarian convoys are not permitted easy access. Only one convoy has been allowed amid a massive need for food and assistance and reports of malnutrition.

On Tuesday, the U.N. Children’s Fund issued a “blank statement” saying “we no longer have the words to describe children’s suffering and our outrage.”

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