Syrian Baby Who Lost His Eye To Violence Inspires Social Movement

The 2-month-old Syrian boy lost his eye in a shelling, prompting other people to share images of themselves covering their eyes in solidarity.

A 2-month-old baby named Karim from Ghouta, Syria, lost his eye due to the ongoing war, motivating countless Syrians, as well as others globally, to cover their eyes in solidarity.

The shelling that took place in the Hammuriye district in Eastern Ghouta is just one of the many issues locals have been struggling with since 2013, when President Bashar al Assad blocked the region.

Due to the blockade, aid agencies have had a hard time reaching the region, and as a result, many children have suffered with malnutrition. According to UNICEF, at least 1,100 children are struggling without food in Eastern Ghouta.  

In order to raise awareness to Karim’s plight and the region’s struggles, Syrian journalist Hadi Al Abdullah shared details about the movement #SolidarityWithKarim online. 

“Syrian children stand in solidarity with Karim, who lost his eye and had his skull broken by Assad regime shelling on his home in Eastern Ghouta. His mother was also killed by the same attack,” he said on Twitter.

According to Abu Muhammed, Karim’s father, the family has only some bread to eat as he cannot work while the city is under siege is nearly impossible.

“It is very difficult to find a proper job under these circumstances,” he said.

He told reporters that now, his other children are helping to care for Karim.

It’s a real tragedy that, to this day, the war in Syria continues to ravage through cities, taking people’s livelihoods away, starving and killing children, and pushing people out of the country in great numbers.

Hopefully, this campaign will continue to spread so that international pressure can help to bring this war to an end.


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