'Will I Die?' Syrian Boy Fears For His Life After Suspected Gas Attack

“Will I die, miss? Will I die?” These are the words of a terrified young boy after an alleged chlorine bomb attack in Aleppo, Syria.


A devastating video showing a frightened young boy asking if he was going to survive has emerged from the Syrian war-torn city of Aleppo.

“Will I die, miss? Will I die?” asked the child wrapped in a blue blanket with an oxygen mask strapped to his face. The footage, shared on Facebook by France-based Syria Charity, showed the kid wailing in pain and fear as volunteers try to console him after an alleged chlorine bomb attack.

“I was watching warplanes," the boy explained amid coughing fits and tears. “It dropped something, I saw yellow smoke. I felt something and then they grabbed me [and took me] to the hospital.”

When asked about his family, he realized he had lost track of his brothers.

One of the charity workers had reportedly found the boy and brought him to a small underground hospital. As The Independent reports, the video was filmed right before the facility was destroyed in another strike — luckily, the boy survived.

Syrian Boy

“Everything is fine with the child, we will visit him very soon," Wadah Seddikh, the charity's economic director, told CNN.

Tragically, airstrikes have taken out every single medical facility in the rebel-held city. Civilians have nowhere left to go.

“We are living in a daily horror movie,” said Oussai Alali, a nurse at one of east Aleppo’s destroyed hospitals. “Imagine what your country would be like without hospitals. People would die. Now imagine there are warplanes and bombs. Every day children are dying. Now more will.”

A United Nations investigation found that both the Syrian national air force and Islamic State militants have used chemical weapons during the five-year long conflict. The report also stated the regime forces used chlorine gas at least twice while ISIS used mustard gas once between 2014 and 2015.

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