Syrian Refugee Finds €50K In Wardrobe, Returns It To German Police

A 25-year-old Syrian refugee found 50,000 euros hidden in a wardrobe while cleaning, and he promptly gave the money to authorities in Germany.

Refugees can be honest givers and are not always a threat to society through terrorism as portrayed in the media. 

Muhannad M, 25, was cleaning inside of his apartment in Minden, Germany, when he found a stash of 50,000 euros hidden in an old wardrobe, according to Mic.

500 Euro

Instead of using the money he discovered to pay for his brothers to come from Syria to Germany, he genuinely did the noble thing and returned the money that wasn’t his to begin with.

"I'm Muslim," Muhannad told Bild. “I couldn't keep this money for myself. My religion forbids it. Allah would never allow me to finance my own interests with someone else's assets."

The wardrobe, where Muhannad found the stash of money, was given to him last year by an aid agency in Germany.

After Muhannad found the euros, he went online to double check that the money was real and not counterfeit.

The euros were indeed real and Muhannad gave the money to the foreigner’s registration office.

Refugee Found Stacks Of Euros Inside Of Wooden Wardrobe Dresser

As a thank you for his honesty, Muhannad was given 4,500 euros as a reward.

"This young man behaved in an exemplary manner and deserves huge credit," German police stated in a press release.

As disturbing, anti-refugee ideologies continue to dominate the mainstream media, hopefully this story of a refugee doing an act of kindness can silence those judgmental, xenophobic bigots. 

Banner Image Credit: Struggle For Islam In Bangladesh, Facebook user

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