Syrian Refugee Gives Troubled Woman Cash Instead Of Buying Her Jewelry

You don't have to share the same race or religion for a small act of kindness to go a very long way.

Being far away from home and going through a tough phase in life has not stopped Syrian refugees from helping others.

A Texas woman in a financial crisis learned this one day when she entered a jewelry store with her children to sell her valuables, so she could pay her bills. A Syrian refugee, identified only as Noah, who is an employee at the store, felt pity for her and refused to buy the necklace. Instead he offered cash from his own pocket.

Footage from the heart-warming incident has gone viral since then. The video was uploaded by Noah’s friends in the Middle East.

“I let her tell me how much she wanted to sell it and I gave her exactly what money she wanted,” said Noah. Apparently, the mother of two, looked extremely upset and was teary-eyed when she turned up at the shop.

Noah’s act of kindness had the distressed woman to tears, and she immediately gave him a big hug.

“Doesn't matter what religion you are. It doesn't matter where you're from. This is our humanity. Everybody should do that,” Noah says.

Noah even offered to help her again if she was ever in trouble, and said that helping others gave him more satisfaction than keep the money to himself.

The woman, who was crying, hugged her children as Noah told her son, “And you, take care of your mother.”

“Don’t go anywhere else. I will buy it if you want to sell it again,” he added as the mother left the store with her two kids.

Check out the tear-jerking video above. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Shailesh Andrade

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