Syrian Refugees Prepare Home-Cooked Meals For Hurricane Irma Victims

“We were uprooted from war. We know the feeling of leaving everything behind," said Abeer Bakri, who made food for Hurricane Irma victims with her sister.

When natural disasters hit, people tend to look past their differences and come together to help one another and save lives.

Case in point: A group of Syrian refugees responded to the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma by cooking meals for displaced victims, The Independent reports.

Abeer and Nora al-Sheikh Bakri are two sisters who fled their war-torn homeland back in 2012 and recently settled in Georgia. Upon seeing the destruction Hurricane Irma left in its wake, the pair drove to the Hamzah Islamic Centre in Alpharetta — an hour away from where they live — to feed the 39 evacuees who were staying there.

“I called my sister, Nora, and we got cooking,” Abeer, 28, reportedly told HuffPost.

“We were uprooted from war," she added. "We know the feeling of leaving everything behind.”

Nora, 30, also noted that they felt compelled to lend a hand because they didn’t want others to experience the feelings that she and her sister felt when they had to abandon their homes.

“I was so afraid when we heard about the hurricane. Especially us Syrians. We’re already traumatized,” she said.

“I wanted to be able to help these people, so that these people can feel happiness. So they don’t feel uprooted like how we felt,” she added.

But, the sisters were not the only refugees to assist in hurricane relief.

Nazer Ghazal, 53, also lives in Georgia and had the same idea to deliver food to evacuees. He brought home-cooked meals to Omar Bin Abdul Aziz mosque where approximately 25 displaced victims were taking shelter.

“We were forced to come to the [United States] because of the war, but we’re here now and see good in this country,” Ghazal, a chef and food artist, told Huffpost.

“It’s on us now to do good here," he added. "We’re used to wars but not hurricanes. We weren’t that afraid, to be honest. We’ve been through war.”

These are the generous, kind-hearted people that President Donald Trump and his administration are so hell-bent on barring and removing from our country. However, they are proving through their actions that love always trumps hate. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Christophe Ena

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