Hope Dwindles As Rescue Workers Scour The Taiwan Earthquake Rubble

Rescue efforts are currently focused on the wreckage of a 17-story building, where more than 100 people are suspected to be buried deep under the rubble.

Taiwan was in the midst of gearing up for the Lunar New Year holiday when a horrific earthquake hit its southern region and caused massive damage on Saturday.

The 6.4 magnitude quake struck the city of Tainan the hardest, toppling over residential buildings and killing at least 38. While the rescue operations are still underway and organizations have been working relentlessly, the hope to find more survivors is fading away with each passing hour.

“There are more fatalities than those pulled out (alive), and the number of fatalities will probably exceed 100,” Tainan Mayor William Lai said during a visit to a funeral home.

President-elect Tsai Ing-wen, who won election last month, has pressed on the needs of a “general sorting out” of old buildings to make sure they were able to cope with such disasters.

“There needs to be a continued strengthening of their ability to deal with disasters,” she said.

However, these attempts come a little too late as scores of people remain trapped beneath tons of rubble and wreckage.

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