Video Shows Injured Syrian Girl Calling For Her Father After Airstrike

The little girl, a victim of air and mortar strikes in Talbiseh, was bleeding from a wound on her head and kept calling out for her father.

Warning: Graphic Content

A terrified and bloody Syrian child was caught on camera — yet again — calling out for her father as hospital workers tended to her injuries in Talbiseh, Syria.

The video, posted by the human rights group, Talbiseh Media Center, shows an 8t-year-old girl, identified as Aya, covered in blood and dust and looking around with wide, terrified eyes. The little girl looked shell-shocked and kept calling out for her “baba,” the Arabic word for father.

When asked where she was when the strike happened, the weeping girl replied: “At home, but the roof fell on us.”

Talbiseh is a large town in the northwestern Homs governorate in Syria. Activists believe at least two people were killed and 30 wounded in three airstrikes that targeted the residential areas of the town.

Aya was pulled from the rubble of her home along with her family. Her father, mother and three other siblings were wounded in the fight; fortunately though, none of the wounds were fatal and they are all recovering. The little girl is now reunited with her family and they are all looking for a place to stay because their house was demolished in the attacks, a spokesperson with the Talbiseh Media Center said.

Soon after the incident, human rights advocates posted two pictures of Aya to illustrate the devastating effects of war on children.

One picture showed Aya, her hair neat and orderly, at school just a day before the airstrike,  another showed Aya, dusty and bleeding at the medical facility following the strikes.

The post was captioned: “Warplanes messed her beautiful hair up and colored her face red.”

Several distressing images have turned the world’s attention to Syria, including that of a 5-year-old boy from Aleppo and a 4-month old baby from Idlib.

Talbiseh is one of the towns that have been the hardest hit since a seven-day ceasefire last month. The town, which has a population of 84,000, got aid and supplies for the first time in September since July.

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