Tall Man Claims He Was Banned From Driving Because Of His Height

A 6-foot-7-inch man from England, who was accused of standing up while driving a convertible, insists that he was sitting down, but was just too tall for the vehicle.

A young car salesman said he was banned from driving all because of something he can’t control — his height.

Adam Elliot was convicted of dangerous driving after he drove along the Tyne Bridge in a convertible Ford Ka with his head sticking out of the top, Metro reports.

Elliot, 26, is 6-feet-7-inches tall and maintains that he was simply too tall for the vehicle that he was delivering to a customer.

He was accused of standing while driving in an attempt to show off to other motorists. Elliott pleaded guilty, although he insists he was not standing.

“I pleaded guilty to this because I was advised to, but I still insist I was not standing up,” Elliott said. “It’s just because of my height.”

“I’m an excellent driver, but I was advised to plead guilty to get it over with,” he added.

The incident occurred last year when Elliott was driving along Tyne Bridge in North East England.

Before adjourning the case, Judge Robert Adams told Elliott, “It was pretty obvious you were showing off, demonstrating your height to people in an open top small car.”

“You were clearly distracting other drivers. It was a dangerous thing to do,” he added.

Although Elliott claims he was delivering the vehicle to someone else, it does seem odd that he wouldn’t delegate the task to a much shorter colleague or notify the customer that it would be too dangerous for him to bring the car. 

Adams gave Elliott an interim driving ban for 12 months, and he is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

What do you think? Was Elliott wrongfully punished for his lanky stature, or was he just making excuses for being a show boat? 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Brian Snelson

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