A Target Worker Slipped ‘It’s OK To Be White’ Cards In Diaper Boxes

Target has reportedly fired the employee it identified as responsible for slipping the white nationalist message in the diaper boxes.


A number of families across the United States were understandably shocked and outraged to find a laminated white card inside boxes of diapers they had bought for their kids. It wasn’t a coupon or a promotional tag as one might expect. Instead, it was a message — and a very disturbing one at that.

The card read, “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.” It also listed a series of white supremacist, neo-Nazi and alt-right websites on the back, including Fash the Nation, bloodandsoil.org and a link to the Daily Stormer.

Since the boxes had been ordered from Target, some of the affected customers not only informed the corporate giant about this unwelcomed message, which appears to have become a slogan for white supremacists in recent years, but also took to social media to talk about the cards they had discovered.






At least two people also filed complaints with the Anti-Defamation League. One of the boxes was bought from a store in Washington while the other had been delivered to Florida from a facility in Indiana.

In March, a family in Tennessee also found a similar card inside a box of diapers.

“I looked on the back and it was just five or six websites that I recognized the language that was used from the Charlottesville incident late last year,” Tad Russell, the man who found the note, told WRCB.

Now, Target has fired the employee it identified as responsible for slipping the white nationalist message in the diaper boxes, according to BuzzFeed News.

“After being made aware of the situation, we immediately launched a thorough investigation to address the concerns and put a stop to it,” said Target spokesman Joshua Thomas. “We have identified the source, and given this is a violation of our policies and our commitment to inclusivity, terminated the team member.”

It’s unclear if more employees were involved in the incident.

The slogan “it’s okay to be white” gained prominence after the deadly rally in Charlottesville that ended in the death of anti-racism protester Heather Heyer, although it has been around for a while. Back in 2001, a white nationalist group named Aggressive Force had a song title using the phrase, as Newsweek reported. Since 2012, members of United Klans of America have reportedly been using its abbreviation as a hashtag — #IOKTBW — on social media.

Last year in November, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke published an article on his website, called “It’s OK to Be White Campaign Sweeping the Nation!”

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