Trump's Boeing Tweet Came Right After CEO Criticized Trade Policy

It looks like Donald Trump's tweet about Boeing may have had a lot more to it, like protecting Trump's ego and promoting his financial interests.

President-elect Donald Trump's seemingly budget-conscious tweet that he would not accept Boeing's contract for a new Air Force One plane may have been inspired by a completely petty reason — but that's just what we've come to expect from Trump.

Trump has consistently lashed out at those who question him, and the Boeing tweet may not be any different. The Washington Post reports that Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenberg criticized Trump during a speech right before Trump tweeted about Boeing. Boeing's stock dropped significantly as a result of the tweet.

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper pointed out that the tweet came on the heels of the comment from Muilenberg on Twitter, Trump's favorite battle-ground.

The Chicago Tribune published part of Muilenberg's speech to the Illinois Manufacturers' Association in which he critiqued Trump's anti-trade rhetoric, especially with China, noting how important international trade is for Boeing's success.

So was Trump's tweet just another Twitter Trumper-tantrum?

First of all, the contract with Boeing is not $4 billion, but a fraction of that, at $170 million. Besides being disingenuous about the spending, there is speculation that Trump wants to keep traveling in his own Boeing plane.

The tweet, which seemed to display concern and thoughtfulness over spending, may actually have had the exact opposite intention. Trump has been paid $1.6 million — funded by taxpayers — through his company TAG Air to have the Secret Service fly with him on his private plane. In the latest example of conflict of interests, maybe Trump is just trying to make some money off the presidency.

The likelihood of Trump getting to use his plane as president is low as his private jet would require a lot more spending to get it up to the security standards required by the Air Force. Trump's dizzying stream of petty and dishonest tweets, however, is certainly cause for alarm.

For Trump supporters who thought he would "drain the swamp," build the wall, and protect public interest, there remains very few of his campaign promises to cling to. How long before they realize that Trump is focused on serving himself and the corporate interests he represents, perpetuating the corruption he vowed to take down?

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