Teacher Accused Of Calling Black Students The N-Word Won't Be Punished

A Canadian teacher accused of referring to a group of black students by using the n-word hasn't been reprimanded, and some parents aren't happy.

After having allegedly referred to a group of black students as a “n**gerfest,” a teacher will not be punished, prompting at least one parent to not only condemn the school's decision but to also transfer her child to a different school.

The incident, which happened in Whitby in Ontario, Canada, took place on Feb. 13, CBC News reported. According to an unidentified female student, a group of black boys got barred from entering the school gym. When she and another female student left the gym to join her colleagues outside, she heard the teacher who had refused to let them in say that the “place was turning into [a] n**gerfest.”

She reported the incident to the vice principal immediately.

Unfortunately, an investigation was only carried out three months later when the school board contacted parents to report they had hired attorney Laura Williams of Williams HR Law to look into the matter.

According to Jennifer, a parent whose last name was not publicized, the school board claimed it was aware that it had taken too long to investigate, and due to that fact, the probe had already been compromised.

After the investigation was over, the school chose to do nothing, failing to even transfer the teacher to a different school.

Jennifer, the frustrated mother who talked to reporters, said that the school's decision “is not the resolution” she wanted. Because of the trauma, she continued, her son has been suffering.

“That's not going to be a good learning environment for my son. His grades have suffered. He doesn't want to go to school anymore, so I think he needs a fresh start,” she said.

To the concerned mother, the fact that the children who brought up this issue got no real response shows that their worries are worthless and that complaining when something wrong happens won't lead anywhere. And because of that, she told reporters, she's “not encouraged.”

The teacher's alleged behavior was already despicable to begin with, but the school's response only further exacerbated the problem.

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