Teacher Allegedly Assaults Student Who Refused To Stand For Pledge

A Boulder Valley School District teacher was put on paid leave after she was accused of assaulting a student for not standing during the pledge of allegiance.

It seems as though a Colorado middle school teacher was not going to tolerate a student's refusal to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance because she allegedly assaulted the Boulder Valley School student, according to Raw Story.

Karen Smith, a 20-year veteran of the school district, was put on paid leave following the alleged incident. A report by the Denver Post stated that Lafayette police commander Brian Rosipajla confirmed officers arrived on the scene to investigate the incident.

Boulder Valley School District spokesman Randy Barber said that the district gives students the opportunity to sit or stand during the pledge, but when asked about what took place in Smith's class, Barber told the Denver Post that he couldn't confirm or deny that the incident happened. He declined to comment any further on the investigation due to it being a "personnel matter."

Something physical had to have happened between Smith and the student if authorities had to be called to the school, especially since it's been confirmed by the school spokesman that students are allowed to sit or stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

What was it about that student's choice to sit down that allegedly caused Smith to react violently? Surely, the student was expressing their freedom of choice.

The school's principal and two assistant principals informed parents by letter of a substitute teacher who will fill in for Smith's physical education classes while the incident is under investigation.

"We are dedicated, as always, to supporting our students and ensuring that we have qualified educators working with them during their physical education time," the letter stated.

Students throughout the country have been exercising their freedom to sit, stand, or kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance in the wake of Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest at NFL games. He started the silent protest to bring awareness to police brutality against people of color in America.

Regardless of the reason behind the student's refusal to stand, Smith should have respected it even if she doesn't agree with it. 

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