Teacher Tells Students 'Wall Should Be Built To Keep Mexicans Out'

“I felt like she had a responsibility as an adult to gauge the situation and say 'Hey, this is wrong,'” said one parent.

A substitute teacher in Olive Branch, Mississippi, reportedly told a group of students that President Donald Trump’s proposed wall on the southern border with Mexico should be built to keep out Mexicans.

The teacher, who remains unnamed, was reportedly addressing fourth-graders, 9- and 10-year-olds, at Overpark Elementary. Parents were outraged at the teacher’s comments and demanded the DeSoto County School District take relevant action against her.

Carol McMullin, whose daughter was part of the group of students the teacher spoke to, said, “First of all, the topic should've never even been discussed by an adult with 9- and 10-year-olds. Some of the remarks that she had made specifically where that she believed that the wall should be built to keep Mexicans out of our country.”

McMullin also said another parent informed her the teacher also told the students to get over it because Trump would be in office for another seven years.

The concerned mother further said after the teacher made the comments, students started pointing at her daughter, who is biracial. McMullin said her daughter felt helpless and covered her ears with her hands.

“She basically believed that the wall should be built because Mexicans needed to stay in their own country. People like my daughter said her name and pointed at her. I felt like she had a responsibility as an adult to gauge the situation and say, 'Hey this is wrong,'” she added.

After her daughter informed her mother of the incident, McMullin contacted the school’s principal. The principal assured her necessary action would be taken against the teacher and also sent a note to parents explaining the students would be taught a cultural diversity lesson.

The substitute teacher was later barred from the school.

DeSoto County School District also released a statement after the incident that said, “The substitute in question will no longer be allowed to provide services in any of the Desoto County Schools.”

It is horrifying to imagine that teachers, who are supposed to build tender minds of students, are instead pushing hate-filled rhetoric.

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