Teacher Allegedly Taped Boy’s Mouth Closed And Threw Out His Lunch

The child said that the teacher shut his mouth and prevented him from eating lunch at school. Now, the family is thinking about filing an official complaint.

A 5-year-old boy in Michigan had his mouth shut with tape by a teacher, he claimed. Now, his furious parents are ready to sue.

Abdul Dannaoui told his parents that during lunchtime, a substitute assistant teacher left him hungry after taping his mouth shut. The substitute also threw away his lunch and then laughed about it.

After the incident, the actual teacher — who was also involved — tried to bribe the child so he wouldn’t talk about the entire ordeal and would only mention the assistant teacher.  

The shocking episode occurred at Highview Elementary School and left the child’s mom, Houda, speechless.

“I’m emotionally heartbroken. Disappointed. That’s his second home. That’s how they treat a child with asthma,” she said.

Attorney Nabih Ayad, who’s representing the family, called the incident “outrageous” and “absurd.”

“You think you send your kid to a place or school, where he would be safe,” Ayad said.

The family claimed that the act of shutting the boy's mouth with tape also happened more than once.

Crestwood School District Superintendent Laurine VanValkenburg released a statement confirming the incident did happen and that the substitute assistant teacher only taped the boy's mouth shut for “a very brief period of time.” However, she added, the school has removed the assistant teacher from the position.

Moments after the incident, VanValkenburg said, the actual teacher went to the school superiors to report the incident. VanValkenburg added that the school, in no way, accepts or condones this behavior.

“The district works to ensure that all children are safe and secure in a high-quality setting,” she explained.

Local police said they are looking into this matter in-depth and an investigation is ongoing.

It’s deeply disturbing to think that this type of traumatic situation would happen to a child anywhere in America. It’s important that this incident is investigated so that other schools and teachers are not taking part in similar behavior. Hopefully, the investigation results in the so-called teacher facing deserved disciplinary action. 

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