Teachers Correct Betsy Devos' Claim About Modern Classrooms

President Donald Trump’s education secretary took to Twitter to claim that public schools do not innovate, prompting a series of public school teachers to respond.

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos looks to her side.

President Donald Trump’s education secretary, Betsy DeVos, might want to check in with public school teachers in the future before making unsubstantiated claims.

On Twitter, DeVos shared a stock image of a classroom that was supposedly set in 2018, asking followers if that looked familiar.

Claiming that our public school system hasn’t moved away from the industrial era, DeVos appeared to suggest that it’s time for a real change.

But teachers who appear to serve the public sector did not agree with DeVos’ rendition of a modern-day classroom. And to prove their point, they shared images of their own classrooms.

In no time, her tweet had received dozens of replies. Some were combative, telling the education secretary that she ought to do her homework before making accusations. Other teachers were polite, even inviting the official to come visit the schools where they teach.

Whether DeVos truly believes that public schools are frozen in time or not, it’s obvious she wasn’t expecting this type of reaction.

We wonder if she learned her lesson and if she will be checking in with these teachers in the future before she makes another one of these claims.

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