Trump Team Member Blocks Photographer From Taking Photo Of Protester

A volunteer from Trump’s advance team blocked a photographer who was trying to take a picture of a protester at his rally.

A volunteer from President Donald Trump’s advance team reportedly blocked the lens of a photojournalist’s camera while he was trying to take a picture of a protester at the president’s rally in Evansville, Indiana.

The scene where a Trump team member tried and succeeded in curbing the press was captured by another photographer, Evan Vucci of the Associated Press. Vucci uploaded the picture on his Instagram, explaining that the man pictured in his image happened to be a member of Trump’s advance team.

He blocked the photographer’s camera lens as he tried to click a picture of a demonstrator who interrupted the POTUS’ rally and was being escorted out of the venue.

"Where the hell did she come from?" said Trump, as his supporters booed the protester.

The White House has not commented on the incident. The identity of the volunteer member of the presidential advance team who blocked the camera was also not provided.

Trump has been attacking the media for promoting news that he doesn’t agree with, terming them as “fake news.” Several news outlets and journalists have condemned the president’s attack on free speech.

Just recently, the former reality TV lashed out on CNN, claiming their reports using anonymous sources are “fiction.” He was referring to a CNN story published in July. The report used anonymous sources to detail how former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said Trump knew of the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, disclosed to BuzzFeed he was the unnamed source and divulged to The Washington Post that he is now uncertain of his claim.

However, CNN is confident with their reporting and states that Davis was not the only source of information that was used to corroborate the story.

But out of all the news outlets, the POTUS believes that NBC is the worst. He accused NBC News of “fudging” a May 2017 interview in which he tied his decision to fire then-FBI Director James Comey to the federal probe into Russia’s alleged election interference.


Trump had no evidence to prove his claim.

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