Tech Companies Cover Medical Bills For Brave Man Who Stopped An Attack

A brave gaming journalist doesn’t have to pay a dime of his medical bills from a severe injury he sustained while trying to stop a woman from being attacked.

The South Korean tech community has really rallied behind a gaming site editor after he suffered a severe injury trying to save a woman from being attacked.

After hearing a scream, Daily Game Editor Gyung Bae Kwak found a man assaulting a woman near a subway station in Seoul. He heroically intervened but was slashed by the unnamed attacker in the process, Mashable reports.

The aggressor managed to sever an artery and six nerves in Kwak’s arm, but even wounded, Kwak managed to hold him down until authorities arrived.

Kwak was rushed to a hospital where he reportedly endured seven hours of surgery. It is projected that he will need two years of physical therapy but could possibly never regain full control of his arm.

Apparently, the attacker was on a rampage — assaulting the woman Kwak saved after just attacking someone else.

“If I let him just run away, I thought he could beat up other helpless people so I chased him,” Kwak told local reporters.

With no assistance to help with medical expenses, Kwak would have been forced to wait for the South Korean government to reimburse him. However, once the story of his noble bravery spread, the NCSoft Cultural Foundation announced that it planned to pay for all of his treatments.

Additionally, LG Electronics Inc. donated 50 million won (roughly $44,000) to the heroic gaming editor, and it is honoring him with LG’s Righteous Person Award.

Although the circumstances around what happened to Kwak are unsettling, the outcome of the ordeal exemplifies the old saying, “what goes around comes around.”

His decision to spring into action to help someone in need led others to do the same for him — and that is the beauty of good karma.   

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Nicky Loh

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