High-Profile Tech Evangelist Robert Scoble Accused Of Groping Women

“And then, without any more warning, Scoble was on me. I felt one hand on my breast and his arm reaching around and grabbing my butt.”



High-profile American blogger, technical evangelist and author Robert Scoble stands accused of groping women after three women came forward and said he sexually and verbally harassed them.

Accusations against the blogger started increasing after journalist Quinn Norton shared her ordeal in an article and said Scoble harassed her back in 2010 at Foo Camp.

“And then, without any more warning, Scoble was on me. I felt one hand on my breast and his arm reaching around and grabbing my butt,” she wrote.

Michelle Greer, Scoble's former colleague at Rackspace, also followed suit and said Scoble groped her during a tech conference in 2010.

“I remember seeing him with two drinks in his hand. My boss sat next to me, and Scoble sits across from me and starts touching my leg,” she said.

Greer said she excused herself from the gathering and went straight up to her room after the incident. When the team was back after the conference, Scoble’s producer came to her and apologized about the indecent act and said, “I'm so sorry, my employees will never touch you again.”

She added that she never went to the HR department nor did she report the incident. She also said that Scoble never apologized himself.

Greer added she had to continue working at the company but was afraid of further interaction with Scoble. She tried transferring to another team but that didn’t work out.

“I was afraid of him. I had basically shut down. I was miserable,” said Greer.

After struggling to work for several months, Greer was fired from her job at the company as she was unable to keep up her performance at work. While leaving the company, Greer told the HR department about Scoble’s inappropriate behavior.

“You could tell they felt bad. They were like, ‘Why didn't you come to us before?’ I was like, 'It's Robert Scoble. If this gets out, he has the bigger megaphone than I do. I could be totally hosed.'”

In July, Greer commented on a post on Facebook that read, “I have always worked with mostly men. They know things should change. If you don't get rid of the bad actors though, nothing changes.”

Surprisingly, Scoble liked her comment. The move irked Greer and she commented back saying, “You're a bad actor. I can't tell you how awful I felt after working with you. Watching you like this post angered me.”

In response to the comment, Scoble said, “Saying I am sorry isn't enough to undo the harm I have done. I am working to get better and giving up alcohol was just one consequence of my behavior and the work I have done but that doesn’t take back the truth of your words. My behavior has been disgusting.” 

Greer said the inappropriate incident is something that will live with her for years and Scoble’s apology can’t bring back the years that she has lost. The woman also added that she regrets she never reported the incident to the HR department.

“I have to explain for the rest of my life why I only worked at Rackspace for 10 months. I wish I had gone to HR when it happened so I could have nipped it in the bud, and it wouldn't be this cancer that just spread. He apologizes and then he keeps doing this crap. I lost my job. It traumatized me for life,” she said.

ProDay founder Sarah Kunst also accused Scoble of “verbally harassing” her in 2014 at Dent, an annual conference in Idaho.

Scoble is well-known and influential figure in the tech industry and speaking up against him would have been problematic for these ladies. He began writing his Scobleizer blog in 2000 and gained fame as a “technical evangelist” at Microsoft.

When reached out by BuzzFeed, Scoble acknowledged the allegations but didn’t address them. In a Facebook post he said he would address the matter in a video but later postponed the decision.


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