Ted Cruz Knows Just Who To Blame For The Heroin Epidemic

Ted Cruz recounts his family’s history with addiction and also his own solution to the problem. But let’s just say it isn't even remotely a viable fix.

Ted Cruz Heroin Epidemic

While sharing personal experiences with drug abuse in his family, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz laid the blame on a familiar group that he says causes the country's heroin epidemic.

Speaking at Emmanuel Baptist Church in New Hampshire, Cruz recounted his sister Miriam’s battle and eventual death from drug addiction. The Republican frontrunner explained how, at one point, he had to take a $20,000 loan to pay for his nephew’s education.

“Then a few years ago, Miriam died of an overdose. Joey, her son, found her in her bed. The coroner ruled it accidental. We’ll never know,” he said. “These tragedies are happening all over the country.”

Gradually, his speech turned more political than personal when Cruz revealed who, according to him, is actually responsible for drug trafficking in the U.S.

“If we want to turn around the drug crisis, we need to turn around the border,” he said before citing statistics that showed that nearly four times the amount of heroin was coming across the U.S.-Mexico border in 2012 than in 2008.

Cruz then slammed the current administration for its inability to stop the flow of drugs across the border just so they could import “undocumented Democrats” — a not-so-subtle expression he used for immigrants who would vote for the Democrat Party (if undocumented immigrants could even vote, which of course, they cannot.)

“Stopping the drug traffic gets de-emphasized because their policy view instead is to open the borders to illegal immigration,” he added. "As a political matter, the Democratic Party does not want to solve this problem. And as a political matter, far too many Republicans don't either," he said. "Sadly, stopping the drug traffic gets de-emphasized, because their policy view instead is to open the borders to illegal immigration."

Though he had a lot to criticize, Cruz failed to provide any explanation as to what exactly he would do to address the crisis, apart from securing the border once, or if ever, he is president.

"The solution to this is going to come at the state and local level. It's going to come from the church, it's going to come from charities, it's going to come from friends and families and loved ones stepping forward," he said.

"But it's also going to come from the federal government that actually does its job and secures the borders," he went on. "And I'll tell you this: If I'm elected president, you'll have my solemn commitment. We will secure the borders."

So, that's Cruz's big plan: bank on a promise and have faith that he'll solve the drug problems in this country, despite any bit of detail.

It doesn’t sound like a reasonable solution now, does it?

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