Planned Parenthood Killer Proves Ted Cruz Wrong, Killed To Save Babies

Now that Robert Lewis Dear has admitted he attacked Planned Parenthood to “save babies,” will Ted Cruz admit he was wrong about the shooting?

Ted Cruz

If you had to pick the single thing that Ted Cruz will never endorse, it's abortion rights.

The Republican presidential candidate never has and will not — ever  support anyone or any organization affiliated to the pro-choice movement.

That’s exactly why when Robert Lewis Dear opened fire at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic in November, killing three people, the Texas senator simply refused to acknowledge if the attacker’s actions were motivated by the anti-abortion sentiments.

As it turns out, they were.

At the time, Cruz criticized the “vicious rhetoric on the left blaming those who are pro-life.” But he was wrong.

In a recent interview from jail, the 57-year-old shooter told KRDO-TV he carried out the attack on the health clinic because “babies were being killed.”

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“[They] were in a war zone. They were there where the babies were being killed. You go to a war zone. That’s what happens,” Dear said. “In a war there’s gonna be casualties. Are you gonna name the hundred million babies that were killed, that nobody talks about, nobody represents them, they have no voice, but yet our Constitution says we have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?”

When the interviewer asked him if he valued life, the prisoner said, “Of course! That's why I did it! I killed three and I saved 3,000.”

Both the answers, so far, prove the murderer is clearly pro-life, which proves Cruz was wrong about him.

But that’s not all. Following the shooting, the White House hopeful also refused to call the attack an act of domestic religious terrorism.

“I would call it a murder,” he commented at the time. “It was a multiple murder of what appears to be a deranged individual.”

Again, Cruz was deeply mistaken. The murderer, who identifies as a Christian, defended the shooting spree in the interview, calling it a “righteous crusade.” He actually believes he did a religious service by killing those three people  which is exactly what terrorists say after committing an atrocity.

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Dear’s statement will certainly not make Cruz's, or any of his fellow Republicans’, stance on abortion. However, being one of the top presidential candidates, it is his responsibility to accept he was wrong about the Planned Parenthood massacre.

It is the least he can do, considering he was one of the many Republicans who failed to condemn the tragedy, nearly 15 hours into the incident, just to protect their political rhetoric.

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