Ted Cruz Called Basketball Hoop A 'Ring' And The Internet Lost It

The Republican presidential candidate topped off his devastating primary losses by making sports fans everywhere grit their teeth in annoyance.



If there's one place you don't want to muff a line from "Hoosiers," it's in Indiana. Ted Cruz is learning that lesson the hard way.

Cruz called a basketball hoop a "basketball ring" while quoting a line from “Hoosiers,” a classic sports movie that has been used to inspire every athlete in the nation for years. What makes it even worse is that he botched the reference in front of a large Indiana rally held at a gym prominently featured in the movie. Yikes.

In an attempt to appeal to the crowd at the Hoosier Gym Community Center in Knightstown, Indiana, the GOP presidential tried to recreate the “Hoosiers” scene where Gene Hackman gives a memorable speech about basketball hoops being the same height in every gym, no matter where they are playing the game.

“The amazing thing is, that basketball ring in Indiana, it’s the same height as it is New York City and every other place in this country,” said the Texas senator, deviating from the original script where a hoop was not referred to as a “ring,” while a man measured the height of the basketball hoop in the background.

As expected, the internet (and sports fans everywhere) lost its cool over Cruz’s cringe-inducing attempt.





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In his defense, it was not an easy night for Cruz, as he faced a devastating loss to tormentor and party front-runner Donald Trump in all five states that held the primaries on Tuesday: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware.

Meanwhile, here’s a clip of the original “Hoosiers” scene.

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