Desperate Cruz Is Now Courting Jewish New Yorkers With A Rolling Pin

After the embarrassing Bronx debacle, the Republican presidential candidate donned yarmulke and tried his luck at rolling matzo in a Brighton Beach bakery.

Bronx residents gave Ted Cruz a rather unpleasant welcome ahead of the momentous New York primaries, which must have troubled the White House hopeful big time. After all, he has not only offended Big Apple residents with his callous “New York Values” slur, but is also competing against Manhattan-born Donald Trump, who has become his (and almost everyone else’s too) biggest nightmare in the race for presidential nomination.

So, in an attempt to gain support of the orthodox Jewish community, which has a significant presence in a few delegates, the Texas senator visited a matzo bakery in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, to roll out some unleavened bread dough with the help of tiny chefs in paper hats.

Donning a yarmulke, Cruz met with Rabbi Moshe Winner of Chabad Neshoma Center and other community leaders at the Jewish Center of Brighton Beach, talking about how the story of the exodus is familiar to him and that he was privileged to attend several seders in the past.

“I love you and I am so proud to be with you,” the senator told the crowd amid the chants of “Jews for Cruz.” He went on to say “Next year in Jerusalem,” a phrase that comes at the conclusion of a seder, though when he was told the appropriate phrase would be “this year in Jerusalem” since Passover had not yet come, he responded with: “Well, next year in Jerusalem. Hopefully I’ll need a bigger plane to get there.”

Watch Ted Cruz’s tour of the Jewish centers in the video above.

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