Argument Over Tardiness Spirals Into A Student-Teacher Fistfight

Students have commended the teacher for handling the situation on his own, but they are surprised no one stepped in and tried to break off the fight.

A Philadelphia teen is facing assault charges after he was caught on camera fighting with his teacher at Lincoln High School.

The 16-year-old, who was late to class, got into an argument with his 44-year-old teacher and soon began throwing punches at him. Other students watched on in horror and were quick to record the incident, sharing it on social media. As things blew out of proportion, the two moved into the hallway and continued to fight.

“They got in the hallway and they just started fighting,” said one student, Roniesha Little.

“It's outrageous because of the simple fact that the video was going on for like two minutes straight but ain't nobody break it up. Everybody was just sitting there,” another student, Sianni McLaine, said.

The brawl continued for around two minutes, and the police were called to the school to tackle the situation. The unruly student was then arrested and charged with simple assault, aggravated assault and recklessly endangering another person.

Although the teacher was also seen actively participating in the fight, he does not face any charges as of yet. School officials have not yet revealed if any action will be taken against him.

“We take the safety of our students and our teachers very seriously,” said H. Lee Whack Jr., a spokesman for the Philadelphia School District.

“We are working in cooperation with the Philadelphia Police Department and we are conducting our own investigation to gather all of the facts regarding this incident,” he added.

It is absolutely bizarre that students have the audacity to hit their teacher or get into a fight over a simple matter, like coming late to class. Hopefully, this incident and the charges the boy faces will serve as an example to others, preventing any such future occurrences.

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