Teen Creator Of Homemade Weapons Evades Arrest Because He’s White

A Connecticut teen is in hot water with the feds after getting caught flying two drones without registration, but not because they are homemade weapons.

Last year, Austin Haughwout, 19, created two drones with weapons attached to them and posted provocative videos of them in action to his YouTube channel, Hogwit.

One of the drones he dubbed the “Flying Gun,” describing the weapon as a “homemade multirotor with a semiautomatic handgun mounted on it,” according to Fox. The video went viral with nearly 3.7 million hits.

Last December, he uploaded a video to YouTube of another invention of his—a flame-throwing drone.

As ArsTecnica reports, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is bringing Haughwout to court next month in a case which will try him for constitutional negligence. He and his father failed to produce any documentation proving he was legally obliged to fly an unmanned aircraft, a.k.a. drone.

Experts question whether or not this investigatory case will prove that Haughwout was in violation of the law, which is still relatively new regarding drones. Strangely, they seem to miss the point that here we have a teenager who is making weapons at home.

Haughwout, who has a history of arrest for assault, was expelled from his university for threatening another student at the school last October. He is now suing the university in a separate case.

The teen has not been arrested, however, for creating the gun drone or flamethrowing drone. As Raw Story noted, because Haughwout is white, he has not been reprimanded for inventing the weapons and has not been seriously perceived as a threat to public safety, which is absolutely absurd.

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