Teen Fatally Shot His Grandma Because He Didn’t Want To Go To School

A Pennsylvania teenager shot his grandmother fatally in the head during an argument about him not wanting to attend a meeting at his school.


A 14-year-old boy living in Pennsylvania shot and killed his 60-year-old grandmother on Tuesday morning because he did not want to go school, according to police reports.

Hunter Riley Reeser, of Harborcreek Township, a village on the southern coast of Lake Erie, fatally shot his grandma, Sandra Orton, during an argument in which she was trying to convince him to go to a school meeting.

After Reeser shot Orton, he called her husband and told him that he found her at home with the gunshot wound. He later called 911 and turned himself in for shooting her in the head.

According to Pittsburgh Action News, the teen will be tried as an adult in abidance with state law which requires all those accused of murder and homicide to be tried as adults. While Reeser may face life imprisonment, his defense attorney can request that the case be shifted to juvenile court.  

Reeser, who has been jailed without an attorney or bond, faces first degree murder and homicide charges for the unspeakable crime.

The available reports do not indicate how Reeser got hold of the weapon, but one thing is very clear: adults need to be held accountable for their firearms kept at home. Teens and children, even toddlers, have been known to use guns to kill family members.

While in the case of Reeser, he is certainly old enough to understand what he did was wrong, and should be tried according to the law. But, the owner of the gun should be reprimanded as well for carelessness.  

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