Teen Gets His College Diploma Before Graduating High School

In search of a little inspiration this Monday? A bright Wisconsin teen did the unthinkable – he graduated college before graduating high school.

Seventeen-year-old Jordan Leslie from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, graduated from Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, Wisconsin, last Saturday with an associate’s degree in Information Technology.

He began his coursework at Lakeshore Technical when he was just 15 years old at the behest of a high school student advisor who found him to be exceptional.

Leslie told Sheboygan Press, "Once he saw how ambitious I was, he said, 'Let's try something new,' and that's when we decided I would go for my associate's before I graduate. It seemed kind of far-fetched at the time, but once he brought up the idea, I was like, 'I'm going to do that!'"

Leslie, who has always been the youngest in his classes, will receive his high school diploma in June as valedictorian.

When asked why he felt the drive to graduate college before high school, Leslie told Fox 6 Now, "I've never known anyone nearby that's done that before so I was like, 'You know what, I'd love to do it; I'd love to try and go for it.' And if I go for something I'm going to give it my best. That's just how I am."

Not surprisingly, Leslie maintained a solid 4.0 grade point average in both high school and at Lakeshore Technical.

Nothing less would be expected of this everyday hero.

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