Teen Kills Girlfriend’s Parents As They Didn’t Let Her Date A Neo-Nazi

“We can’t allow her to see someone associated with Nazis. We don’t associate with hate groups in our house,” the mother wrote in an email



A teenage boy in Reston, Virginia reportedly shot his girlfriend’s parents and then himself after they refused to let their daughter date an “outspoken neo-Nazi.”

Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, and her husband Scott, 48, were shot by the 17-year-old teen in their daughter’s room before turning the gun to himself. The two came to their daughter’s room after they heard unusual sounds.

Upon their arrival, they saw the teen brandishing a gun and after a small altercation, the boy shot the couple before turning the gun to himself. The two succumbed to their injuries but the teen survived and was shifted to the hospital in critical condition.

According to friends and family, the parents forced their daughter to break up with the teen because they were really unhappy that she was dating a neo-Nazi.

The teenagers reportedly began dating earlier this year in June. Parents of the girl became concerned when she started talking pro-Nazi. The daughter once asked her mother in summer: “Did you know that Jews are partly to blame for WWII?”

This  question left her in shock and the concerned mother then began keeping a check on her daughter.

She once found messages on her daughter’s mobile that were sent by a Twitter account believed to be operated by the neo-Nazi boyfriend.

The account “had retweeted missives praising Hitler, supporting Nazi book burnings, calling for  “white revolution,” making derogatory comments about Jews and featuring an illustration of a man hanging from a noose beneath a slur for gay people.”

Kuhn-Fricker was alarmed to see the hate-filled messages and she made a copy of them and submitted them to the school’s principal. She also told the boy’s mother to keep him away from her daughter.

“We can’t allow her to see someone associated with Nazis. We don’t associate with hate groups in our house,” read the email.

Janet Kuhn, Kuhn-Fricker's mother’s mother, said that her daughter was afraid the boy was trying to indoctrinate the girl with white-supremacist ideas. She also said parents of the girl convinced her to stay away from the boy after a lot crying and anger. However, she did agree to end the relationship.

"I'm in shock," Janet Kuhn said. "I haven't been able to cry yet."

Police carried out an investigation after the incident and charged the teen with two counts of murder.



Thumbnail Credits : Reuters, Yannis Behrakis

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