Teen Raped A Second Time As She Begged For Help After Attack

Update: U.K. police have arrested two men in connection to the tragic rape of a 15-year-old girl who was assaulted twice on the same night.

Passengers inside of a subway car.


Authorities have reportedly arrested two men accused of raping a teenager in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The victim was raped twice on the same night in separate incidents. According to the police, the suspects, aged 35 and 27, are both related to the first attack.

The law enforcement agencies are still looking for the man who allegedly raped the girl for the second time in a car while she asked him for help. The man was described as around 5ft 6in with large biceps.

“I am still looking to hear from anyone who lives locally to Witton and saw a young girl walking by herself during the early hours of Wednesday morning,” said Detective Chief Inspector Tony Fitzpatrick of British Transport Police. “If you saw any vehicle or any person acting suspiciously then please get in touch as soon as possible.”

A horrific sexual assault incident involving a 15-year-old girl in Birmingham, England, has prompted a double manhunt.

While walking to the Witton railway station on Tuesday, the teenage victim was first approached by a man who led her away at 7 p.m. The girl was then sexually attacked. Later, the victim walked out of the station and flagged down a car to ask for help. At 2 a.m., she ended up being raped once again by the person whom she hoped would help, The Independent reports.

After the horrific double rape, detectives from the West Midlands Police, as well as British Transport, have launched an extensive investigation into the case as they try to identify the assailants.

British Transport Police's Detective Chief Inspector Tony Fitzpatrick reassured reporters the agency has “specially trained officers supporting her.” Calling this incident a “horrifying ordeal,” he added that “[i]t is now vitally important we investigate exactly what happened ... as well as identifying offenders for both of these awful incidents.”

He is urging anyone who may have seen or heard anything to contact law enforcement immediately.

“If you were passing by the station and saw two girls walking with an older man, then please get in touch immediately,” he said.

“Likewise,” he added, “if you saw any suspicious vehicles close to Witton station close to 2am then please get in touch as soon as possible.”

The victim described both assailants as Asian. The first man was of a skinny build and had light skin while the second attacker was of large build and in his early 20s.

As officials are doing all in their power to bring these two men to justice, this case reminds us of the grave rape epidemic taking place in the United Kingdom.

According to feminist organization Rape Crisis England & Wales, about 85,000 adult women and 12,000 adult men are raped in England and Wales every year, which translates to 11 rapes every hour. Statistics also show that one in every five women aged 16 to 59 has experienced some kind of sexual violence since they turned 16.

Unfortunately, a very low percentage of assault victims choose to report the crimes. As a result, few of these cases actually lead to the arrest or punishment of the rapists and abusers.

Hopefully, British officials are able to find these two attackers so others know they simply cannot take similar actions without being held accountable for them.

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