Girl's Birthday Presents Included 500 Cases Of Water For Puerto Rico

A lot of kids ask for video games or other expensive things for their birthdays, but this Maryland girl asked for something different: donations for Puerto Rico.

In times of national crises, it’s always inspiring to see individuals step up with generous acts. Sometimes, the most inspirational moments come not from our elected leaders or from celebrities, but from children who recognize people in need, and do what they can to help.

Dashai Morton is a great example. A sixth-grader from Maryland, Dashai saw the suffering of the people of Puerto Rico and became determined to do something about it.

As her birthday approached, Dashai decided she wouldn’t be asking for gifts for herself this year. Instead, she told her friends and family to help her donate needed supplies to the people of Puerto Rico.

“She wanted nothing else,” her grandmother, Tanya Morton, said. “Nothing else. No party, no nothing. This is what she wanted.”

Her hard work paid off. On Oct. 10, Dashai’s birthday, she had collected hundreds of supplies, including blankets, non-perishable food items, and 460 cases of bottled water.

Dashai’s generosity didn’t stop there. Determined to reach her goal of 500 cases, she used her birthday money she inevitably received to purchase the remaining 40 cases of water, reported FOX 5 in Washington, D.C.

“It makes me happy because I can help other people who don’t have what I have,” Dashai told ABC affiliate WJLA.

And she’s still aiming to do more.

“She’s not finished,” her grandmother said. “She’ll take more because there’s a whole lot of people out there still in need.”

Generosity in times of crises can from many different sources. But when it comes from children — when they demonstrate how a small gesture can turn into something big — it is more than inspiring. It gives us reason to believe in a better future for our world.

Banner/thumb credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

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