Teen Who Fatally Stabbed His Classmate For Rejecting Him Gets 25 Years

Connecticut teen Christopher Plaskon faces 25 years in jail for fatally stabbing his classmate who refused to go to the junior prom with him.

A Connecticut teenager has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for stabbing his classmate to death in 2014.

Christopher Plaskon

Christopher Plaskon, now 19 years old, received 25 years in jail for killing 16-year-old Maren Sanchez after she rejected his invitation to prom, Reuters reports.

Plaskon stabbed Sanchez inside the Jonathan Law High School hallway in Milford, just hours before their junior prom in April 2014. Sanchez was the junior class president.

Maren Sanchez

He stabbed her with a kitchen knife in her neck, chest, and throat, leaving her for dead in the school hallway. After the incident, he immediately admitted he was guilty to the arresting officers.

According to Plaskon’s attorney, the young man shows signs of psychosis and is on a suicide watch.

Plaskon will be eligible for parole in 13 years, according to the state attorney, Kevin Lawlor. Lawlor insisted that he was tried as an adult, but some, including the murder victim’s father, believe the sentence is too short.

Sanchez’ father spoke to the reporter Noelle Gardner outside Milford Superior Court on Monday. He said, “What kind of message does this send?” in reference to the abbreviated sentence.


He expressed his disapproval at the length of the sentence, calling it “lenient” and further stated that he does not think that the short time is doing the murder justice.

Mental illness should not preclude Plaskon from receiving a life sentence in prison, even if he did commit the murder when he was 16. 

Photo Credit: Reuters

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