Brutal Boss Punishes Teenager To Squat 100 Times In China, She Dies

A Chinese teenager, who worked at a real estate company, died after her boss punished her with 100 squats.

A 15-year-old girl was punished to death by her boss in China.

The teenager nicknamed, Xiao Fei, had quit school to help with her ill father’s medical expenses. She started working, after reportedly borrowing a friend’s ID to obtain a work permit, as she was underage.

Xiao Fei started working 18 months ago at a real estate agency, Qfang.

According to Guangdong Television Broadcast, Xiao Fei was working at Sunny Garden office belonging to Qfang real estate agency, in Zhongshan, China's Guangdong Province.

Last month, when she got late to work, her boss punished her to squat 100 times. Xiao Fei's father, Jiang, told the reporter that his daughter was punished for being late to work at the end of July.

“My daughter was not feeling well after and bought some medicine. But she cannot move her legs,” Jiang told The Sun.

Xiao Fei's mother took her to Hunan, their hometown, in search of medical help.

Sadly, days after this brutal treatment, she couldn’t move her hands, she suffered from nausea, and one day she went into a state of unconsciousness.

She was admitted into the intensive care unit of Central South University, Xiangya No. 2 Hospital, but she died on Aug. 7. 

The medical reports indicate the girl died from respiratory failure. 

According to the doctor's notes, Xiao Fei was diagnosed with Guillain–Barré syndrome, a very rare and serious disorder that affects the nerve system. However, it did not cite whether the syndrome was directly caused by the intensive, deep squatting. 

The real estate company refused to take any responsibility for Xiao Fei’s untimely death, owing to the punishment. Guangdong Television Broadcast contacted a manager, surnamed Li, at the Sunny Garden office of Qfang real estate agency. The manager admitted Xiao Fei had done deep squats but “it was not a punishment.”

“She (Xiao Fei) volunteered to do deep squats. We are divided in teams here, and rules are set by their team leaders,” Li said.

Xia Fei’s father explained two of her daughters worked under age to help with his medication of uremia.

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