18-Year-Old Reportedly Raped After Arrest By On-Duty NYPD Officers

“I’m completely brutalized by the rape. My life is in shatters. Now every time I see any police, I’m in a panic.”

An 18-year-old woman in Brooklyn claims two NYPD officers raped her while she was in custody, reports said.

According to the teen, whose name has not been revealed, the officers raped her in the police van on the evening of Sept. 15

“I’m completely brutalized by the rape. My life is in shatters. Now every time I see any police, I’m in a panic,” she told her attorney, Michael David.

David said his client was pulled over by Brooklyn South Narcotics Detectives Edward Martins and Richard Hall on suspicion of possessing illegal substances as she driving in the Coney Island area of the city. She says she was taken to a parking lot by the officers and forced to perform sex acts on them.

One of the cops then allegedly raped her.

“She’s a teenager and she was basically kidnapped into a police vehicle without any justification. She had her handcuffs on when they raped her,” David said.

The attorney further said that the young woman was then dropped of blocks away from the place of incident and was later rushed to hospital by her friends and parents for examination.

Following the allegations, no arrests have been made. However, Martins and Halls were placed on modified duty and their supervisors have been placed on desk duty.

Although the officers didn’t deny the act, they claimed the sex act was consensual.

“We’re aware of the allegations, and Internal Affairs is conducting an investigation into certain members of Brooklyn South narcotics,” said a spokesperson for the New York Police Department.

“She’s being brutalized twice here. First they rape her, she’s kidnapped, she’s raped and she’s thrown into the street, then they go ahead and victimize her again by saying it was consensual. She's handcuffed, she's 5'2", 100 lbs., she's very petite, the officers were both over 6 feet, I don't think there's anything she could have done,” added David.

It is terrifying to think that people who are responsible of protecting the city and its citizens are themselves a danger to the community.

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