Teenage Girl Rips Off Suicide Vest In Powerful Act Of Bravery

One teenage girl’s incredibly act of bravery may have just saved the lives of dozens of people fleeing extremist Boko Haram and residing in a refugee camp.



Wearing a vest of explosives, three girls were sent by the extremist group Boko Haram to kill as many as people as possible in the Dikwa refugee camp in northeast Nigeria.

As soon as her handler was out of sight, one of the three girls tore off her vest and made a run for it. She was later found by local self-defense forces. In her tearful and emotional recollection of the events tell officials that “at least some of the child bombers used by Boko Haram are aware that they are about to die and kill others,” the Associated Press (AP) reports.

"She said she was scared because she knew she would kill people," Modu Awami, a Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) fighter who helped question the girl, explained. “But she was also frightened of going against the instructions of the men who brought her to the camp.”

dikwa refugee camp

The young girl was one of thousands that have been held by Boko Haram, a Nigerian-based terror group that have begun kidnapping thousands of people — particularly women and children — in order to turn them into weapons.

"She confessed to our security operatives that she was worried if she went ahead and carried out the attack that she might kill her own father, who she knew was in the camp," Awami explained.

He went on to say that she tried to get the other two to change their minds and run away with her, but she said "she could not convince the two others to change their minds."

The two girls that went through with the attack left 58 dead and dozens more injured. The refugee camp held over 50,000 people who had fled Boko Haram’s extremist group.

Awami said that her story was corroborated shortly after they found her when she led soldiers to the unexploded vest she had torn off.

Boko Haram’s reign of terror has lasted for over six years now, leaving 20,000 people dead and 2.5 million homeless.

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