Teen May Lose Sight After Horrific Fireworks Accident

A teenage boy in Texas may become blind after a fireworks celebration went awry over the weekend, leading numerous sparklers to blow up on his face.

Fireworks are almost a necessity when it comes to celebrating 4th of July, but not at the expense of becoming critically injured. 

Rowdy Radford, 15, was setting off fireworks in front of his home in celebration of Independence Day, when more than 100 sparklers blew up on his face, according to ABC 7.

Over the weekend, the teenager taped more than 100 sparklers together and lit them when the wind suddenly blew in the opposite direction and caused the accident. 

Wendy Smith

After the fireworks accident, Radford lost part of his left leg, some of his fingers and may possibly become blind in the future.

Wendy Smith, the boy’s mother said, “Hopefully he’ll get his eyesight back because they couldn’t get in there and clean them,” she said. “He has wires in his eyes.”

Radford remains in critical condition and doctors are unsure of whether or not he will get his eyesight back or if he will become legally blind.

People of all ages need to think twice about setting off their own fireworks at home, even if they are as small as sparklers; they can cause irreparable harm. 

Banner Image Credit: Google Images, Pixabay, Creative Commons, Pexels user


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