Teen Suggests New Headscarf Emoji To Represent Muslim Women

A teenager in Saudi Arabia proposed an idea for the creation of a headscarf emoji which represents herself and other Muslim women in the world.

Although the current emojis on our smart phone have people of color, it doesn’t have emoji symbols that represent religious women.

Rayouf Alhumedhi, who resides in Germany, proposed to The Unicode Consortium, an organization that helps develop new emojis, that she wanted to design a Muslim headscarf emoji so that she would feel recognized, BBC News reports.

The Unicode Consortium Approved Women In Careers Emojis

She initially came up with the brilliant idea after speaking with her friends and mentioning that there wasn’t currently an emoji symbol that represented her, a headscarf-wearing woman.

“In this day and age, representation is extremely important. People want to be acknowledged and recognized, especially in the tech world. This is massive. Emojis are everywhere,” Alhumedhi said.

The 15-year-old further explained her idea saying, “There are so many Muslim women in this world who wear the headscarf. It might seem trivial, but it’s different when you see yourself on the keyboard around the world. Once you experience that, it’s really great.”

A final version of Alhumedhi’s emoji idea to Unicode will be submitted in November.

It’s truly brave and an inspiring act for this teenager to take it upon herself to propose a design that represents herself and other Muslim women through emojis. 

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