Teens Nationwide Beg Voters To Dump Trump

Huffington Post's #TeensAgainstTrump campaign gives youth a platform to express the reasons why they don't want to grow up in a country run by Donald Trump.

The Huffington Post has launched a new #TeensAgainstTrump campaign in which they asked teens throughout the country to answer the question: “What does Donald Trump misunderstand about America?”

The campaign began as an essay contest for teens and young adults to express why they don’t want Trump to win the presidency. While HuffPost notes it received a huge influx of entries, one 19-year-old college student was chosen as the winner and 13 essays were favored as runners up.

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They compiled a video clip showing some of the winners reciting profound parts of their essays. It’s important to point out that many of the students who took part in the contest aren’t even old enough to vote yet.

The youth won’t have a say in whether Trump is elected, so they have used this platform to discourage adults from allowing such a divisive figure to lead this country.

Courtenay, 14, of South Carolina opens the video with a powerful statement:

“I may not be old enough to drive, but it doesn’t take a license to tell that Trump is a poison that America is taking in gulps.”

Zia T. — the contest winner— condemned Trump’s controversial and racist immigration plan by declaring, “You know what makes America great? Building bridges instead of walls.”

Teens Against Trump Speak Out

In their own words, these teens explain why they don't want you to vote for Donald J. Trump.

Posted by HuffPost Politics on Monday, March 14, 2016

The video and campaign are especially powerful as it counters the groups of teens who have recently shown their support for Trump and his racist principles at school sporting events in Indiana and Iowa.

Students were heard chanting “build a wall” and “Trump, USA” to taunt rival schools with predominantly minority students.

It’s refreshing to see that Trump’s rhetoric hasn’t infected the minds of all of our youth. 

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