Teens Taunt Black Athlete With 'Ashy Knees,' 'Build The Wall'

A group of New Jersey high school students is under fire for berating a black basketball player from another school with racially-driven chants during a game.

Video footage has surfaced from a New Jersey high school basketball game where student spectators shouted racially-charged insults to a black player from the opposing team.

In a match-up between Dover High School and Jefferson High School, students from the Jefferson crowd were recorded shouting "ashy knees" at a black Dover player and "build the wall" during pregame warm-ups, The Root reports.

The term "ashy" refers to the pale grayish sediment that appears on the skin when it's very dry. The rash-like residue subtly resembles ashes, and thus the term "ashy" describes skin that is not thoroughly moisturized.

While all races experience this, the sediment is significantly more noticeable against darker skin and can be a great source of embarrassment and shame when attention is drawn to it.

Jefferson Superintendent Patrick Tierney offered a half-hearted apology on the students' behalf.

"I'm not excusing the comments or behavior of my children," Tierney said. "In my experience, kids who show up to cheer on games aren't bad kids. These kids have school spirit, and they got caught up in the moment, and they said something stupid."

Interestingly enough, the theme of this very game was American pride with many in attendance wearing patriotic attire featuring the American flag, and  yet the environment was a reflection of America's flaws.

Dover parent Michael Moore told local reporters that he believed the Jefferson students' intent was, indeed, malicious against the rival school, which has a high African-American and Latino population.

“Their intent was disrespect,” he said. “Not to promote the country as a whole.”

Tierney said there is an investigation underway, but there has been no disciplinary action taken against any of the students as of yet.

Amid this troubling Trump era, to say that America is regressing would be an understatement. 

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