US-Based Hosts Make Slant-Eyed Gesture Against Koreans On Live TV

James Tahhan and Janice Bencosme, co-presenters of Telemundo's morning show "Un Nuevo Dia," slanted their eyes while celebrating South Korea's World Cup victory over Germany.



In what is being called one of the biggest upsets in soccer World Cup history, defending champions Germany were eliminated from the tournament at the group stage following a stunning defeat by South Korea.

Now, there are many, appropriate, ways to celebrate a win like this.

For instance, like Mexico, you can jump collectively as a nation with so much intensity that it prompts jokes about causing a small earthquake or, like Japan, you can clean up the stadium.

But, please, do not flip off the crowd like Argentina's Diego Maradona.

And, do not make slant-eyed gestures because it is racist. Period.

James Tahhan and Janice Bencosme, co-presenters of Telemundo's morning show "Un Nuevo Día,"were live on television when they slanted their eyes to celebrate South Korea's 2-0 win.

Predictably, many viewers immediately noticed the racially offensive gesture and lodged their protests, leading the Miami-based Spanish language network, part of NBC Universal, to take action against the two hosts.

Tahhan and Bencosme have been indefinitely suspended.

“We are extremely disappointed with our morning show contributors James Tahhan’s and Janice Bencosme’s gestures referring to the South Korean national soccer team,” the network said in a statement issued. “Our company takes this kind of inappropriate behavior very seriously as it is contrary to our values and standards.”

Meanwhile, Tahhan also issued a statement on Twitter in both English and Spanish, apologizing for “lack of sensitivity on my part”.

“I admit that I did something wrong and wanted to apologize to anyone who was offended by it," he added.


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