Tenn. Official Gets Heat For Saying ‘KKK Is More American’ Than Obama

“I think anybody who read it would be offended. It was horrible. It was very offensive,” said Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell.


A Tennessee corrections officer resigned after he made several violent and racists posts on Facebook.

David Barber, who worked for 17 years at the Department of Corrections in Shelby County, Tennessee, had listed the facility as his workplace on his Facebook page. Right next to it, he posted the racist, neo-Nazi posts that lost him his job.

One post included a picture of President Obama next to a picture of a person in a Ku Klux Klan outfit with the caption, “KKK is more American than the illegal president!”

Another post, according to the Memphis Flyer, is shared from a page called Free Patriot and is in response to the Obama family claiming they had been discriminated against because of the color of their skin.

“Arrest convict hang and confiscate all assets,” Barber commented to the post.


In another one of his statuses, Barber wrote:

“I am concerned that media using mixed race couple's (sic) in ads as normal is one way liberal's (sic) are trying to eliminate the white race."


He also said: “If Trump wins and obummer cannot start martial law, he will run to his new mansion in thaArab (sic) world to hide. Hopefully the Muslims will eliminate him and mooshelle (sic) as queers.”

Barack Obama

Another was a story with the headline: “WARNING: Black Lives Matter Brings Riots To “White Racist Neighborhood” = BLOOD WILL SPILL -”

Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell, who initially called Barber’s racist act “freedom of speech,” said his department only learned about the posts on Friday and by Tuesday, Barber had given his resignation letter.

“I think anybody who read it would be offended. It was horrible. It was very offensive,” Luttrell said. “This was an action by an employee who should have known better. What he did, his behavior was intolerable; it was offensive. We afforded him his rights and due process. He recognized his discretion and [resigned].”

“He was very contrite, very apologetic. He recognized that he made a mistake,” he added. “I don’t know [why he did it]. That’s a question only he can answer.”

Lutrell also said the department did not immediately fire Barber because it wanted to be sure due diligence was exercised in the investigation.

However, Shelby County Commission Chairman Melvin Burgess told the news that he thought Barber should have been kicked out immediately.

“We’re getting calls now from employees who can’t believe they’ve been working around a man with this level of insensitivity,” Burgess told the newspaper. “There is no prescription for those kinds of beliefs and attitudes. There is nowhere this should be accepted and I am disappointed in the leadership and how it was handled.”

Since Barber resigned before he could be fired, he is eligible to receive his benefit packages.

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