Tensions Run Sky High On Southwest Flight, Passengers Start Fistfight

In this week's airline news, fists were flying on a Southwest Airlines flight that landed in Burbank, California. The rough exchange was caught on video.

At this point, airlines should really get their own news category right next to United States politics. Since the United Airlines fiasco that started it all, there's been story after story revealing that flying isn't just peanuts and clouds. There's a lot of turbulence, and not just the kind that has to do with air pressure.  

On Sunday, two men got into a fight aboard a Southwest Airlines flight that had recently landed in Burbank, California. Michael Krause, who caught the incident on video, told CBS L.A. that two men suddenly began wrestling and swinging fists. 

"Everyone was de-planing then all hell broke loose," he said.

According to NBC4 Los Angeles, the fight was started by Chaze Mickalo Cable after some tense mid-flight moments. The other, unnamed man involved in the fight told police that Cable turned around in his seat and angrily remarked that the woman sitting behind him was "messing with his chair." How that escalated into an all out brawl currently remains a mystery, but once the plane landed it's clear things got rough.

The man said that he was standing in the aisle helping the woman deplane when Cable unexpectedly punched him. He suffered a swollen eye, chipped tooth, and small cut on his nose. Cable has been arrested by Burbank police and risks being charged with battery.

A fellow passenger tried to break up the fight by holding back one of the men. The video footage also showed a flight attendant trying to separate them, but the fighters ended up dog-piling the good Samaritans. Luckily, it appears that aside from minor injuries, no one was hurt.

Krause could only hit record, as he was recovering from surgery on a broken hand. When his son posted the video on Twitter, it quickly went viral; Krause wants to direct some of that attention to the flight attendant, who he is calling the hero of the hour.

"The stewardess was cleaning at the front,” Krause told the Washington Post. “She’s running toward the fray, which I thought was heroic on her behalf.

“She was the smallest one of all of them, and she was going in there," he added. “Oh God, I hope she’s okay.”

Another day, another flight, another story. We'll see what tomorrow brings to the ever-busy friendly skies.

 Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Wikimedia Commons Joe Mabel


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