Knitting YouTuber Posts Shooting Threat Against Elementary School

A middle-aged woman in Georgia said threatening to shoot an elementary school on social media was an expression of her right to freedom of speech.



A woman in Savannah, Georgia, was arrested for posting a video depicting a shooting threat to a local elementary school.

Teresa Richardson, 55, allegedly posted a video on YouTube threatening to carry out a shooting at Godley Station Elementary School. Savannah police arrested the woman and said she admitted to creating the video as an expression of her right to freedom of speech.

The suspect runs a YouTube page, “Teresa Warrior,” in which she posts tutorials on knitting. It is still unclear what made Richardson go from harmless knitting to devising a mass shooting.      

The video reportedly featured obscene language aimed at teachers and students at the school.

According to the reports, the footage showed a street-view video of the school grounds while machine-gun fire played in the background.

Ever since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, schools have faced dozens of incidents involving a threat or a weapon on campus. Most of these threats were made by students, but now it seems adults also harbor such vicious intentions of carrying out a mass shooting. Regardless of the fact who the perpetrator is, people who make such threats reflect an endemic of poor mental health.

Such incidents are also indicative of the fact the horrific notion of mass shooting has started to plague the minds of people of Georgia, as in February, a high school teacher was arrested after he reportedly barricaded himself inside a classroom and fired his gun inside a Georgia school. However, mass shootings at Georgia schools, both colleges and primary to high schools, are thankfully rare.

It is insane that Richardson is justifying her outrageous actions by using free speech as a cover, as free speech most definitely doesn’t mean terrorizing people and institutions.

After an investigation, Richardson was arrested on charges of dissemination of acts related to terroristic threats.

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