GOP Lawmaker Belittles Anti-Rape Initiative To A 'Snowflake Thing'

The lawmaker mocked a bill that hopes to teach young men about consent and healthy relationships by saying that that concept was a "snowflake thing."

Woman wearing markings on face to protest rape.

The movement to raise awareness about sexual abuse and harassment has gained traction across the country thanks to the #MeToo hashtag.

But as lawmakers notice the change of tune and act accordingly by passing laws that teach consent as part of sex education, others mock their attempts to help put an end to this problem.

This was recently the case in Oklahoma.

Democratic Rep. Jacob Rosecrants proposed House Bill 2734 to give school districts the option to teach “consent and healthy relationship education” to local children. 

The bill was influenced by a woman in Rosecrants’ district who told him that she’d been raped as a teen while “incapacitated” and that the perpetrator “said he didn’t know what consent is.”

While the bill has already passed through the Oklahoma House of Representatives, at least one lawmaker mocked Rosecrants' effort.

Criticizing the bill, or apparently showcasing his lack of morals, Republican Rep. Todd Russ asked his colleague to “[h]elp me understand what you mean by 'healthy relationship.’”

Russ asked: “Is that like a snowflake thing?” 

As Raw Story explains, the term snowflake has been used by many on the right who liken the current generation of young men and women to oversensitive, whiny children who do nothing but complain.

However, sexual assault and abuse are serious subjects. Many Republicans have supported efforts to help curb this problem, and yet, this particular Oklahoma conservative seems to think that the effort warrants mockery instead of respect.

Responding to Russ, Rosecrants proceeded to read the very definition of healthy relationships.

“[O]pen and honest, … fundamentals include safe communications, healthy boundaries, speaking up if something is bothering you, respecting each other’s feelings and boundaries, compromising when disagreements arise … being supportive and encouraging and respecting each other’s privacy,” he said.

Responding to Rosecrants, Rep. John Bennett, another Republican, said the bill was dangerous as it would allow “secular humanists” to “indoctrinate” Oklahoma’s children into believing that transgender and LGBT traits are OK.

"It's not OK," Bennett said.

Despite the various vague claims made by the Republican lawmakers, the bill is headed to the state senate.

On Twitter, users were not too happy with Russ and his comments.

Next time a Republican tries to mock an effort to help curb sexual assault and abuse, we hope they refrain. After all, unless conservatives and liberals are able to discuss important legislation without acting petulant, nobody will ever be able to see the positive impact of policy changes.

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