‘Terrified’ White Supremacist Sheds Crocodile Tears In Live Stream

"We have done everything in our power to keep this peaceful,” claimed notorious white nationalist Chris Cantwell in a self-recorded live stream.

White supremacist Chris Cantwell — who was featured in Vice’s mini-documentary of the violence in Charlottesville — released a new video of himself sobbing uncontrollably and claiming to fear for his life.

After hearing that there may be a warrant out for his arrest, Cantwell decided to film his account of what occurred during “Unite the Right” over the weekend, maintaining that he and the other racist participants took every measure to keep the demonstration “peaceful” and blaming their “enemies” for the violence and tragedy that ensued.

“And I’m watching CNN talk about this as violent, white nationalist protest. We have done everything in our power to keep this peaceful,” Cantwell asserted.

“We are trying to make this peaceful, we are trying to be law abiding,” he added.

After taking a moment to gather his composure he said, “I want to be peaceful; I want to be law abiding, OK? That was the whole entire point of this.”

His message is directed to the Charlottesville police as he tells them, “I’m terrified, I’m afraid you’re going to kill me, I really am,” — imagine that, a white supremacist in fear of becoming the next victim of a police killing

In any case, Cantwell’s claims are bogus. In Vice’s mini-documentary, Cantwell very clearly and boldly says, “We’re not nonviolent, we’ll f***ing kill these people if we have to,” Uproxx reports.

Throughout his recording, Cantwell repeatedly sniffles and chokes back crocodile tears as he whines about how “unsafe” he feels, showing a totally different side of himself than the harsh sentiments he expressed in the film.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has an entire profile on Cantwell and his racist track record. According to the site, Cantwell believes that black people are prone to violence and have lower IQs, Jews spread communism and can’t be trusted, immigrants are outbreeding whites, and a race war is all but inevitable.

And, as far as his so-called efforts to be “peaceful” and "law-abiding," he has previously called for a violent overthrow of United States government and the assassination of law enforcement officers, and he has declared that Democrats and “communists” should be “physically removed” from the country. 

It's unclear if there is actually a warrant out for Cantwell's arrest, but what is obvious is that, with this video, he's looking for sympathy that he doesn't deserve. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Jonathan Ernst

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