Terrifying Moment Airstrike Nearly Hits Cameraman In Aleppo

An incendiary substance is seen burning on the ground, clouds of smoke rising and the cameraman hiding behind a big rock.



A new video has emerged online, purportedly showing a cameraman’s close call with an airstrike in western Aleppo.

Footage starts with a loud explosion noise, before the camera regains focus and shows clouds of smoke – a few inches away from where the cameraman is standing.

 Fortunately, no casualties were reported in this airstrike.

The series of bombardments this weekend were reportedly the worst Aleppo has seen since parts of the city were captured by rebels in 2012.

Aleppo was once Syria’s bustling cultural and financial hub with a population of nearly 2 million people.

However, the city’s fate took a turn for the worse when a civil conflict broke out between various rebel groups and Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s forces in March 2011, which later ensued into the worst humanitarian emergency of this era.

Along with Aleppo, the cities of Homs and Damascus, is among the most war-torn cities in Syria. It was once a bustling place, home to around a million people. In fact, it used to be the hub of the nation’s industrial and agricultural sectors.

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