Trump-Loving Terrorists Found Guilty In Muslim Bombing Plot

Stein, Wright and Allen were convicted on charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights.



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Three Trump-loving Kansas terrorists have been found guilty of plotting a bombing of an apartment complex in Kansas which housed Somali Muslims.

The horrific plot was to be executed a day after the 2016 presidential election so it does not affect Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president — which he eventually did.

Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen were convicted on charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights by a federal jury in Wichita with Wright also being found guilty of lying to the FBI.

The men had pleaded not guilty, blaming they were part of a conspiracy and were being targeted by the FBI for their support of Trump despite testimony from an undercover FBI agent who submitted recordings of the offenders calling Muslims “cockroaches" and threatening to shoot them in the head.

The terrorists could get lifetime in prison upon sentencing, which will be held on June 27.

Three men are in the third week of a trial for plotting to use explosive devices to kill Muslims in a predominantly Somali neighborhood in Kansas.

The case, which is expected to go on for at least three more weeks, centers on Patrick Stein, who met with an undercover FBI agent disguised as an arms dealer. Communications between Stein and the agent (identified under the alias “Brian”) began just one month before President Donald Trump was elected.

Days after their in-person meeting, Stein and his two friends were arrested.

Details of the case are sickening and shed light onto how bigoted and driven the would-be assailants were toward their hopeful goal of killing others.

Stein used his favorite screenname — Orkin Man — on WhatsApp in order to discuss terms with Brian. When the FBI agent asked if that was in relation to the extermination company, Stein affirmed that it was.

“I hate f---ing cockroaches, and that’s exactly what those motherf-----s are,” Stein said, alluding to his Muslim targets.

In order to gain Stein’s trust, Brian had started out with skepticism for meeting in the first place, cautioning against any weapons business dealings that could result in “jihadis” getting their hands on them. Stein told Brian that the opposite was true, and that their targets were Muslims themselves.

Stein advised Brian, “you’ll probably be seeing some news coming out of western Kansas” as a result of their business dealings.

A self-described “country hick” who glowingly called Trump “the Man,” Stein explained that he and his cohorts — Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen, who are also on trial — wanted to “cleanse the nation of the evil that exists.” They were planning to target an apartment complex where several Somali Muslims were living in Garden City, Kansas.

In recorded conversations with a separate informant (who initially tipped the FBI off to Stein’s plans) Stein and his friends, who called themselves the Crusaders, were looking forward to killing Muslims.

“If you're a Muslim, I'm going to enjoy shooting you in the head,” Stein said, according to the recordings.

It is fortunate that Stein and his underlings were unable to carry out their terrorist plot. Yet their intentions highlight a problem that is often overlooked in the United States — homegrown terrorism based on right-wing xenophobia.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the media to ignore this type of domestic terrorism. We must demand more attention be brought to these types of criminal acts, to this ideological hatred against non-whites and non-Christians, that plagues much of the nation.

We must also devise ways to peacefully change the minds of those whose hearts are full of zealotry and rage, to prevent an action similar to what Stein had planned out from happening in the near future.

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