Women Hit Back After Tesco Customer Shames Them For Wearing Pajamas

A Tesco shopper who posted pictures of two women wearing PJs while shopping just got a lesson about sticking his nose in other people's business.

A Tesco shopper, who probably confused the British supermarket for some kind of a glamorous red carpet event, demanded that people wearing pajamas while shopping be banned.

Understandably, he was met with backlash on social media after the women he slammed online broke their silence and hit back at him for his demeaning behavior. 

Chris Cooke first snapped a picture of two women, minding their own business, shopping in pajamas, and then posted it on Tesco’s Facebook page, with certain demands.

“Dear Tesco, please can you put a rule in place that people like this will not be served in your stores. It’s bloody disgusting. This was at 7 p.m. last night at your Tesco Salford store and I have seen other people dressed similar on a regular basis. I mean who doesn’t have the time to get changed into clothes to go shopping?” read the post.

Tesco was quick to reply to his senseless complaint, “Many of our customers have told us that they feel uncomfortable when they see other shoppers wearing unsuitable clothing in our stores and we do try to find a balance that everyone is happy with.

“Although we don’t have a formal dress code in our stores, we rely on our Management Team to use their discretion and common sense.”

While Cooke got a response from Tesco, there was a huge uproar on social media for his baseless demands. 

Facebook user Joel Brackenbury bashed the man for taking pictures of random shoppers in the supermarket.

Another user, Barrey Davey, asked Tesco to ban people like Cooke.

“It is sad, sick and arrogant people like this who complain about women breast feeding in public but unashamedly oggle girls in short skirts and have big boobs. Tesco should ban Chris Cooke, not these ladies! Shame on you,” he commented.

“I'm more concerned there is a creepy guy following two women around taking photos of them to post on social media,” wrote Jemma Cee.







Some shoppers got confused and thought Tesco was actually going for a dress code policy.


Tesco clarified later that there is no dress code policy to shop at the supermarket.


One of the two women photographed is a member of a traveler community; she hit back after being ridiculed online, “I’m disgusted that a man has taken our picture and put it online asking for Tesco to ban people wearing their pajamas.”

"We are travelers and we feel like it is sexist and racist. It’s an attack on our culture and way of life," she told The Sun.

She said she was at the supermarket to buy milk for her 5-month-old son. “I didn’t think there was any harm in me going to Tesco to get a few things at 7 p.m. I have a young baby and I needed to get him some milk.”

“I’ll be honest, I was kind of hungover and just wanted to get something for my baby and some snacks with my mum. We had already put our pajamas on for the evening so didn’t think anything of it; we didn’t think we would be internationally shamed.”

Note to the bizarre Tesco shopper: People can shop at a mall or a supermarket however they want. If you don’t like people shopping in pajamas, don’t look at them, instead of labeling them.


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