Tesla Driver Tries To Recreate Autopilot Accident — It Doesn't Go Well

A Tesla Model S driver, who was trying to recreate the deadly California autopilot car crash, nearly plowed his car in a highway barricade.

A Tesla driver tried to recreate the deadly California autopilot car crash — and it, obviously, didn't turn out to be a good idea.

The driver trying to recreate the California crash was riding in a Model S and he almost got in an accident himself. The video footage, taken by the unidentified driver, showed him using the vehicle's semi-autonomous driving feature on a Chicago freeway.  

The vehicle can be seen traveling at a speed of 59 mph. Soon an alert to “hold the steering wheel” started flashing as the car approached the road and a single lane splits in to two lanes.

However, instead of identifying the left and right lanes, the autopilot feature, reportedly got confused and wrongfully treated a right-side lane as a left-side lane and the car headed straight in the direction of a barricade.

Thankfully, the driver was able to hit the brake just in time. 

While it is pretty obvious that no driver should ever try to recreate deadly crashes, while filming the entire thing, the video footage makes it evident how using semi-autonomous technology, which claims to keep a check on speed, lane changes and self-parking, still needs a lot of work and testing and drivers need to be vigilant at all times for their safety and that of others.


Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Tesla Motors Handout

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